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War and Kisses Among The Witches: Encounter In The Cemetery (Horror, Strong sexual content and violence)

Erotic Western: Saving The Town (It has strong sexual content of both a straight and gay nature.)

Bare Detectives: Judy's Missing Boyfriend (Mild to Explicit Sexual Content)(Detective, Suspense, Mystery)

Billy Bingo: The Videotape Murder (Strong Sexual Content of both Straight and Bisexual Nature)

Billy Bingo: When The Legman Comes (Strong Sexual Content, Mostly of a straight nature)

Chuck's Erotic Stories: Monsters And Other Scary Lovers (Short Stories) (Strong Sexual Content, Str8&bi)

Billy Bingo: Sexual Blackmail (Novella & Short Stories)(Strong Sexual Content, Str8&bi)

The Suspense Account and Flame By The Sea (Over 600 Pages) (Does NOT contain explicit content)
May Sample this book online. Book is not free, so if enjoy please purchase.



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