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Web Series:

War and Kisses Among The Witches

This series may be read here and w/out any purchase
though of course, if you like, I am hoping  that you will buy
some of my books. Just saying. :)

Stories in the series War and Kisses Among the Witches
 are in the same world and
follow the same rules as the
series Erotic Domination of Planet Earth.  Stories
 that are part of Erotic Domination of Planet Earth may be
bought on amazon.




Erotic Domination of Planet Earth

                                                    Man In the Painting (Episode 1/Book 1)
                                                    The Altered Sex Video(Episode 2/Book2)
Next Books In The Series Will Be Erotic Short Stories.  
Each book will contain 3 to 5 short stories.

Some short stories may contain same characters and some may not.
All short stories will be set in same universe and with same concepts.

Erotic Western: Saving The Town (It has strong sexual content of both a straight and gay nature.)

Bare Detectives: Judy's Missing Boyfriend (Mild to Explicit Sexual Content)(Detective, Suspense, Mystery)

Chuck's Erotic Stories: Monsters And Other Scary Lovers (Short Stories) (Strong Sexual Content, Str8&bi)

The Suspense Account and Flame By The Sea (Over 600 Pages) (Does NOT contain explicit content)



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