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Updated 10/17/2014
Where fun and sexy ebooks and scripts are listed that may be purchased from amazon.
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Georgia Fantasy 5 Web App (updated daily with latest number.)

Updated 10/31/2014:

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Music: Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man

National gas prices under symbolic $3 per gallon average
Random Thought: But will the price of gas quickly rise after this election cycle? Is the drop in the price of oil and gas a reality based on long term economics? Or is the price drop the result of short term economics that may be the result of political / elite rich manipulations that can't be substained?

Consumer spending drops in September as income growth slows

photos: Playboy Mansion's Annual Halloween Bash


Amanda Bynes leaves psychiatric facility, slams parents on Twitter


I like Amanda Bynes. I wish her well. The article isn't really a very good article but it does provide information. I believe some of her tweets that were taken seriously were made more in jest, but I don't know.

Though I was a fan of twitter, I am not now. Twitter is basically just a cesspool that provides haters turds they can throw at you and the media is full of haters.

Updated 10/31/2014

About Twitter:

I was already aware that hatebots had damaged my twitter account and that my tweets often did not appear in the search time line. Because I was fairly addicted to twitter I chose to ignore that.

Then last night I was going to tweet a link to a youtube video that was of Lynyrd Skynyrd singing Simple Man. The tweet was not allowed. A message popped up accusing me of it being an automated tweet, which it sure as hell wasn't. The message also accused me of being a spammer that harms their system, which I sure as hell am not.

Twitter does nothing to punish the haters that falsely report other people as spammers. They let them thrive in their system, while those of us who try to keep it real are treated like shit.

There is not a person on twitter who does not do some level of promotion. The promotion may be something they like but are in no way directly associated with, but it is still a promotion. Some people occasionaly promote their songs or ebooks. In those respects I have done some level of promotion on twitter; but a fairly large number of my tweets didn't even contain links. That hateful message popped up on twitter when I hadn't even tweeted anything in the 7 hours previous to that attempted tweet. Although at times I would do burst of tweets, my over all level of tweeting was few & far between compared to the more active people on twitter.

There are a lot of people on twitter that I like and I will miss, but twitter is run by idiots from the bottom all of the way to the top. As far as I am concerned they deserve to go the same way as myspace. Their stock price should be down there with zynga.


Updated 10/17/2014
M area is now again closed. There really was not that much content added back there anyway but of course I am sorry for any inconvenience.

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Updated 10/7/2014
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