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Updated 10/17/2014
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Updated 11/03/2014

Music: Audioslave - Like a Stone ... Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man... Amateur Noise - Topic Forgiveness, Song Why Can't I remember...

Twitter: I no longer place links on my twitter page after the weirdness & because of the haters. To see what I am talking about on twitter this is where I post links and perhaps longer tweets.


Court Rules Police Can Force Users to Unlock iPhones With Fingerprints, But Not Passcodes

Note Opinion: Like I said at the time the elite media and companies like Apple were trying to pretend that biometric data makes devices more secure than passwords, they are full of shit. Passwords are the most secure method of protecting data.

Rihanna Returns to Instagram After Months of Hiatus

Instagram quickly apologized, "This account was mistakenly caught in one of our automated systems and very briefly disabled. We apologize for any inconvenience." The account @badgalriri was soon restored, but RiRi decided to abandon it.

Comment Opinion:

But what about ordinary people who have their accounts automatically harmed because of haters in their system who cause an accounts to be flagged. These systems need code in place to flag accounts that flag other accounts. I realize that a lot of the hate groups will just create new accounts for their bots when they are bounced out, but the companies need to try to punish the serial haters. When they put their little buttons up to empower the haters they need to put a warning in place that states that the users who are serial haters and misuse said button will have their accounts suspended and be banned from the system. It might not stop the hate bots but it might stop some misguided individual from jumping on the hate bandwagon.

Obviously, I don't blame Rihanna for going back to instagram. I am back on twitter after the foolishness there. It is still disturbing that these systems don't code a way to punish the haters.

Updated 11/01/2014

This & That:
I am back on twitter. LOL. For all the bad things on twitter there are people there I like to read.

Some people say that the weird message that popped up on twitter wasn't because of haters from the left or the right attempting to flag my twitter account but was from kboards team asshole that have a history of causing people problems. I don't pretend to know for certain where the hate came from that caused what I considered the final straw. (Update, never say final straw.) Where I am not liberal or conservative & I think outside of the box I have always attracted a level of hate on twitter.

Since I have sworn off twitter (update: didn't last long) after twitter's hateful popup I haven't checked to see if the level of hate has increased to the point to get the account suspended. (update: account is like it was.) Since I have been addicted to twitter it has been kind of hard to finally say, okay, that is enough. Even now I catch myself thinking, "Maybe I overreacted and I should see what is happening on twitter." Then I think, "No. It is time to get my focus back on my websites and away from twitter." (Update: I do need to spend more time on my websites and I am sticking to that, but I haven't abandoned twitter yet.)

To whether it is possible the new hate came after I tweeted, "I don't really care whether kboards self-destructs or not from their censorship," I don't know. I've seen them brag about trying to destroy someone on Amazon before the mods buried the thread so it is possible though I tend to doubt I warranted their attention. (update: that was the last tweet before the weirdness happened so just my opinion and I have been wrong before, I think the shitheads over there are the most likely culprits.)

Usually the hate I get is more random than organized. I tweet something liberal and then some conservative gets a wild hair up their ass. I tweet something conservative and then some liberal gets a wild hair. I tweet something about one of my erotic books and then someone from either side may get a wild hair. The hate has definitely hurt the account. Unless there was some weird error in twitter's system, which is also possible, the hate was picked up a notch or 2 or 3 or 4 or 50 or whatever that would wrongly block a tweet and cause twitter to claim it was automated spam when it sure as hell was not. I have searched and haven't seen anyone complaining about that foolishness so I don't think it was a random error though I would like to think that.

So anyway, since someone suggested the problem came from team asshole on kboards I began a search to try to see what they were talking about. I didn't really find much but the following is something I found of some interest:

Lies, Fraud and Crimes: Why It Is Important to Talk About This
In this blog she makes some serious allegations which may have some validity and may even be totally right on. I don't know. I frequented kboards because I enjoyed reading what some of their writers were saying, though I never set up an account there. I had nothing to add to their conversations. To be perfectly honest I also had doubts to what some of the writers were saying about their success, though I fully realize my doubts might have come from jealousy. LOL It also seemed some of the writers were attempting to promote some book promotion, advertising, sites and for me that just naturally threw up a wall of doubt to what they were saying.

From the above linked blog I explored the zonalert blog over on wordpress. What they are saying there about some of Amazon's best selling authors isn't really a shocker. On some level we've all known that some of that was happening. Still, seeing it laid out does produce that rather sinking feeling of, "I don't stand a chance." There are some things that some of us, like me, are not going to do.

Regardless of whatever caused the problem on twitter, it is a reminder that twitter's program & employees do NOT know the good guys from the bad guys and are perfectly willing to help the bad guys hurt the good guys in their system. They don't really seem to care about that happening. The social part of Amazon is also heavily flawed. The social part of amazon does not know the good guys from the bad guys. And google is just as flawed. What they have in place to hurt the bad guys is just as likely to be used by the bad guys to hurt the good guys as on any other "social" site.
News: Ebola doctor speaks out on 'media frenzy' and the quarantine he faces

Notes / Opinion:

- Healthcare workers who voice the foolish notion that there is some magic moment when Ebola presents itself & is a contagious disease is not helpful. That foolishness is one reason the disease has not been contained in Africa.

- A 21 day quarantine is hardly the same thing as being told they have to spend the rest of their life in a leper colony. It is only 21 days.

- The history of the healthcare industry encouraging people to stay out and about and spreading all sorts of disease about is shameful and disgusting. Antibiotic resistant diseases are the result of people popping antibiotics while they are out spreading the disease around. For example, prescribing a kid with an ear infection an antibiotic does not create disease resistance for a disease that the kid does not have and yet the corrupt healthcare industry promotes the perception the "overprescribing" of antibiotics to sick children increases the odds of resistance for diseases the child does not have. Venereal disease resistance to an antibiotic, for example, comes from people such as prostitutes out having sex while they are popping antibiotics for that said disease. The healthcare industry fully knows and understands that and yet they use the media to intentionally confuse people on the issue.

- For 2008, Obama received over $20 million from the healthcare industry and that is the reason he goes against common sense and promotes some of their foolishness that is stated to benefit their greed & not science.


Updated 10/31/2014:

From Around the Web:

Music: Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man

National gas prices under symbolic $3 per gallon average
Random Thought: But will the price of gas quickly rise after this election cycle? Is the drop in the price of oil and gas a reality based on long term economics? Or is the price drop the result of short term economics that may be the result of political / elite rich manipulations that can't be substained?

Consumer spending drops in September as income growth slows

photos: Playboy Mansion's Annual Halloween Bash


Amanda Bynes leaves psychiatric facility, slams parents on Twitter


I like Amanda Bynes. I wish her well. The article isn't really a very good article but it does provide information. I believe some of her tweets that were taken seriously were made more in jest, but I don't know.

Though I was a fan of twitter, I am not now. Twitter is basically just a cesspool that provides haters turds they can throw at you and the media is full of haters. (update: maybe twitter is huge waterpark with just a few turds floating in it. Yeah, I am back on twitter now.)

Updated 10/31/2014

(update: I was probably a little harsh here but in my defense, I was really pissed off.) About Twitter:

I was already aware that hatebots had damaged my twitter account and that my tweets often did not appear in the search time line. Because I was fairly addicted to twitter I chose to ignore that.

Then last night I was going to tweet a link to a youtube video that was of Lynyrd Skynyrd singing Simple Man. The tweet was not allowed. A message popped up accusing me of it being an automated tweet, which it sure as hell wasn't. The message also accused me of being a spammer that harms their system, which I sure as hell am not.

Twitter does nothing to punish the haters that falsely report other people as spammers. They let them thrive in their system, while those of us who try to keep it real are treated like shit.

There is not a person on twitter who does not do some level of promotion. The promotion may be something they like but are in no way directly associated with, but it is still a promotion. Some people occasionaly promote their songs or ebooks. In those respects I have done some level of promotion on twitter; but a fairly large number of my tweets didn't even contain links. That hateful message popped up on twitter when I hadn't even tweeted anything in the 7 hours previous to that attempted tweet. Although at times I would do burst of tweets, my over all level of tweeting was few & far between compared to the more active people on twitter.

There are a lot of people on twitter that I like and I will miss, but twitter is run by idiots from the bottom all of the way to the top. As far as I am concerned they deserve to go the same way as myspace. Their stock price should be down there with zynga.


Updated 10/17/2014
M area is now again closed. There really was not that much content added back there anyway but of course I am sorry for any inconvenience.

Updated 10/7/2014

Updated 10/7/2014
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